Push It Forward

We bring the future into the present. We break boundaries. We push IT forward.
We are Bool.

We are Bool

We are a custom software development and consultancy company. A Team of passionate People, committed to overcome our clients biggest challenges, with innovative and disruptive solutions. We bring the future into the present. We push IT forward. We are Bool.

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What We Do

We Create Software

We design, implement and deliver custom software solutions and apps that meet and overcome our Clients biggest challenges, both in fixed scope projects and by outsourcing our talent.

We Help Clients

We bring the future into the present, by providing top-notch consulting services. We make our Clients goals our own, and help identify or create the best approach. We also enable our Clients software teams.

We are Agile

Agile is in our nature, our second skin. It is a proven, sustainable approach to deliver products that best match the Clients needs, constantly focused on Value. Our People live it. Our Clients love it.

We Love Low-code

We are hard-workers, but we like to work smart. And Low-code is all about that, allowing for maximum productivity, with the least possible effort. Low-code rules, and we rule Low-code.


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